Surgical Consultation

Don't Ignore. Seek Surgical Consultation

Are Your Suffering From Any of These Conditions

Sudden severe pain in abdomen
Pain in abdomen if associated with fever, vomiting or constipation
Chest burning, flatulence, dyspepsia
Blood in stool, urine, vomit or cough
Stone Disease
Swelling anywhere on body
Thyroid enlargement
Breast pain, lump or cancer
Piles or other problem around anus
Urinary problem or obstruction
Cancer, ulcer, scar, varicosities

Please try to seek advice at the earliest presentation of your disease or problem. It will save you from later more complicated & more severe form of the disease. Also as the time goes by your disease advances & so your age (with decrease immunity or disease fighting power).

Only for Patients in Pakistan

Online Surgery Consultation Clinic

  • Write your problem in details with photos & lab / image reports if available.
  • 2-4 email correspondence will be required to give the final answer.
  • One time fee is Rs. 1500 only (in advance).
  • First send via email your problem in details with photos & lab / image reports if available.
  • Indicate that you want live chat.
  • One time fee is Rs. 2500 only (in advance), for a session of upto 15-20 minutes.

Mode of Payment:

Via online bank transfer to;

  • Account title: Muhammad Shamim
  • IBAN: PK21SCBL0000018351768301

Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, Centenury branch, Karachi, Pakistan.

All Funds From Consultation Will be Donated to Bashir Foundation.