Essentials of Surgery is written primarily for students of final professional MBBS. At undergraduate level students are expected to have learnt about the diseases that are prevalent in our region. So the topics selected in this book are such as to meet their requirements. However, students preparing for USMLE, FCPS, & FRCS may also find it useful for quick revision in the final weeks of exam.

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Section A: Principles of Surgery

Wound: repair & management          

Accidents, & warfare injuries           

Acute resuscitation             

Nutritional support              

Pre-operative care               

Anesthesia & pain management       

Operative safety techniques              

Post-operative care             

Surgical infections              


Section B: Burns, Skin & Plastic Surgery

Skin & subcutaneous tissue               

Burns & skin transplantation            


Section C: Vascular Surgery

Arterial disorders 

Venous disorders 

Lymphatics & lymph nodes              


Section D: Orthopedic & Spinal Surgery

General orthopedics            

Fractures & dislocations of upper limb           

Fractures & dislocations of lower limb           

Infectious diseases of bones & joints              

Neoplastic diseases of bones & joints             

Hand & foot          

Vertebral column 


Section E: Neurosurgery & Head & Neck


Lips, tongue & salivary glands         


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Section F: Breast & Endocrine Surgery

Thyroid gland       

Parathyroid & adrenal glands           



Section G: Thoracic Surgery

Lungs & pleura    


Section H: Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery

Minimal access surgery      


Stomach & duodenum        

Liver & portal system         


Gallbladder & bile ducts    

Exocrine pancreas               


Small & large intestine       

Intestinal obstruction          

Vermiform appendix          


Anus & anal canal               

Abdominal herniae             


Section I: Urology

Kidneys & ureters               

Urinary bladder    


Urethra & penis    

Testis & scrotum  


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